Benefits of Roof Coating

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January 6, 2021
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Benefits of Roof Coating

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With all of the products and services on the market for property owners, designers and facility managers, is a roof coating a necessity? While a roof will certainly function without a coating, there are so many benefits that in many cases it is worth a serious consideration. We’ve put together six benefits, that may inspire you.

1. Keeps Your Building Cooler

A roof with a white or reflective coating will not absorb the sun’s rays, it will reflect them. The reflective property of the coating keeps the building cooler, which can make a big difference in the temperature within—either keeping your building cooler or reducing the cost to keep it cool.

2. Reduces Energy Consumption

Along the same line; there will be much less energy required to power the air conditioning. Not only does this save a business money, which is important, but it can also help a company have a smaller carbon footprint because of less energy.

3. Increases Energy Star Rating

The Energy Star rating of a building is not static. It can change, as the structure changes. Adding a roof coating is one of the simplest ways to make a building more energy efficient and perhaps increase the Energy Star rating. Boosting the rating can be necessary for resale value or for helping it achieve a number required by local .

4. Improves Green Reputation

Depending on your particular company’s goals, being able to show customers, vendors, and associates that you are doing everything possible to make the building “green” can be a very good thing. Green roofing, via a roof coating, relatively speaking, is an affordable and straightforward way to accomplish .

5. Protects Against Roof Leaks

Adding a coating to the roof will give an extra layer to the roof and can protect it from leaks. Not only does the coating add to the roof itself, but it can also help prevent the roof from mold and mildew damage—that can lead to leaks in the .

6. Extends The Life Of Your Roof

Roof coatings can add life to a roof. Extra life may mean that you can wait years longer before replacing the roof and potentially prevent roofing material from winding up in the landfill.


Consult a Professional Roofing Contractor

As you can see, there are many benefits to a roof coating, no matter what type you choose. The most important thing is to find the one that works best with your particular roof style and type. One of the best ways to make sure that you choose the right type of roof coating is to have a professional roofing contractor like KY Roofing. A consultation from a professional with decades of experience will help you find the most suitable roof coating you needed.

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