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Many of us trust water pumps, but how reliable are they, what are the issues with them, and how do we fix them? Here, we look at water pumps, noisy pumps, worn bearings, burned motors, condensers, pump switches, low water pressure, pressure tanks, and how to stop the "circulation" of the pump. We also provide troubleshooting guides.

Our employees provide kitchen pump repair services in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor areas.

If we have a big water pump trying to pump water from a small faucet, the pump will turn on and start pumping water, but since the water cannot flow out of the faucet fast enough, the pressure will increase and the pump will shut down. Alone. Again; but then the water coming out of the faucet caught up, the pressure in the water dropped, and the water pump started again. This process is repeated continuously, turning the pump on and off. Turning the pump on and off quickly is not good for the pump, your switch, or your electricity bill, not to mention the modern "water pressure" that keeps you awake at night. For more information about circulating water pumps.

To solve this problem, we connect a pressure tank to the pump, and most of the water pumps we use are attached with a pressure tank. Pressure The tank is a steel tank filled with air in a rubber bladder. Water is incompressible, but air is compressible, so if we pump water into the water tank, this will gradually squeeze the air in the airbag to a smaller and smaller volume, thereby effectively storing pressure. Now, if we turn on the faucet, the pressure in the water will be released, and the air will gradually expand, squeezing the water out of the faucet. 

When all the water is discharged from the pressure tank, it is now full of low-pressure air, and the water pump will start and run until the air is fully compressed, and the water pump will stop when the system is pressurized again. This means that the pump will still start and stop, but at a much slower speed than without the pressure tank. 

Pressure tanks actually have two functions. Although their main function is the storage pressure we have explained, they also provide an air cushion in the water system. When the faucet is opened or closed, it can absorb the shock in the system.


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