Roof replacement

Our roof replacements come with 10 years’ warranty.

When we replace roof tiles, we do not just replace the old tiles with new ones. When we remove the old tiles, we will then inspect the roof’s structure to evaluate if the structure is still sound or not. If it isn’t, we will inform and advise you on your options. We look into every corner and joint, to ensure that the roof replacement takes into consideration of the roof’s overall integrity. This is why we are confident of offering a 10-year warranty for all roof replacement projects.

The roof replacement cost is available at affordable prices. We are able to offer our quality products at highly reasonable prices as we get our products direct from the factory, where no additional costs are passed on to you.

We are also constantly on the lookout for better products to ensure that the roof over your home or your family’s home provides you with reliable shelter and total peace of mind.

Waterpump Installation

We provide our expert consultation to diagnose any plumbing problems

The water pump serves you with fresh, clean running water and pumps the water around for your central heating. Anything that puts a strain on your water pump may cause it to fail prematurely. There are some of the situations that can lead to a malfunctioning well water pump. There is a possibility that your water pump has these problems like dirty water, odd or loud noises, and air “spitting” from the faucet.

Apart from plumbing works, KY Roofing Plumbing also offers all water pump installation’s service. It is free consultation to diagnose any plumbing repair and a reasonable quotation with the best solutions at no hidden charges. As an expert in the field, the technical team will follow certain guidelines before starts any water pump installation or plumbing repair.

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