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We provide outstanding roofing and plumbing services for all customers. All types of roofing & plumbing services are available. Free roof inspection is provided with 10 years warranty.

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  • plumber
    Recently, the floor in my bathroom is always a little wet. I called this company for their site checking service. Just to know that it is because of pipe leaking problem. Now, finally my bathroom can remain dry and is not having leaking problem anymore.
    Felicia Gan SuWan
  • plumber
    New metal roof that they changed for me looked nice and durable. Quite surprised that they can settle it within few hours. Fast and cheap. Will choose this company again for next service.
    Muhammad Hasif
  • plumber
    Water at my house started to be in dark brown colour since last week. At first, I thought it is pipe problem. So, I called their plumbers and they told me that it is caused by my dirty water tank. And they cleaned it directly Now, water problems at my house is solved. 5 stars for them.
    Han ShangYan

High-quality Roof Replacement Service

Our roof replacement services include clay shingles, asphalt shingles and metal shingles. All these high-quality roofs have high durability, weather resistance and last long. 10 years warranty is given to all new roof replacement.

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