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Water Tank Repair service

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Water storage tank’s leakage is usually due to the cracked or damage to the water tank. The water tank damage or leakage occur when there is movement or any impact or hitting to the water tank, water tank leakage could be also due to the corrosion and general deterioration. As water tank specialist we are able to provide a comprehensive water tank repairing services to solve the leakage issue once and for all. Repair the water tank is a natural choice and a cost-effective solutions to your water tank leakage issues. To ensure a leaking water tank is repaired properly, we perform a throughout inspection from both inside and outside of the water tank carefully.


3 Common Causes of Water Tanks Leaking

1. Rusting & Cracks

- Common problem with old tanks

- Water tank will deteriorate after long period of usage

- This leads to rust & cracks forming on the panels


2. Faulty Float Valve

- A float valve control the flow of water into the tank

- When the water reached a specified level, the float valve will stop the flow of water

- A faulty float valve may not stop the inflow of water which causes water overflowing


3. Weather

- Water tank expands when weather is hot & contracts when it’s cold

- The weather in Malaysia can get very hot during the day & cold when it’s raining

- This constant change of temperature causes tanks to easily crack

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